Friday, October 8, 2010

Just woke up... NAAAOW!! x(

So If you read my last post I was up all night... but I finally fell asleep watching Duece Bigolow: Male Gigalow lol :) but the really funny thing is I have been wanted to watch that movie for about a week now. It randomly popped into my head and I own the VHS from like... way back when, but I was too lazy to dust off the old VHS player and watch it, and also didn't feel like getting a letter from optimum for downloading it :D lulz

So I just got super lucky and the movie I've wanted to watch happened to be one TV :) ... come to think of it, that seems to happen a lot more often than I give credit to. It always seems like a movie you talk about with your friends or you randomly want to watch is always on TV. Well done TV, you're on top of your game.

What movies has everyone else been watching or wanting to see lately?


  1. Just watched Memento. Great movie. I would recommend to anyone who hasn't seen. I need to make a point to go see the The Town and the Facebook adaptation.

  2. I can't wait to see your next post! Check out Boom Protein Everywhere!

  3. HAHA That movie is hilarious. I started watching Repo Men last night, it was really good but I was just too tired. So I fell asleep. I'm looking forward to seeing The Social Network.

  4. The Human Centipede!!
    It will NEVER be on TV, lol.